Squid Games + Caitalism: A Facilitated Discussion

November 10, 1pm Eastern, on zoom

Special guest: Dr. Eunsong Kim (Northeastern)

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The Korean drama Squid Game, which tells the story of heavily indebted people locked in a lethal competition for the chance to win a fortune, has become the most popular series ever in over 90 national markets on the dominant streaming service Netflix.

It has also been framed as a trenchant critique of capitalism in a moment when that global system appears especially exploitative, extractive, uncaring and even sadistic.

How do we make sense of the fact that Squid Game is both a critique of capitalism and, at the same time, a profoundly successful product of capitalism’s culture industry?

Does the recent fascination with Korean films depicting capitalism (eg. Parasite) in the Anglophone world distract us from recent efforts to contend with the racist and colonial patterns of capitalism?

Do shows like Squid Game move us towards or away from mobilizing for a world beyond capitalism?

RiVAL: The ReImagining Value Action Lab (in cooperation with Lakehead University’s Social Justice Studies program) is pleased to invite the public to a facilitated discussion of this enigmatic but important show.

We will be joined by special guest Dr. Eunsong Kim of Northeastern University.

Participants are welcome to watch the discussion or offer their views and questions.

Facilitated by RiVAL’s Dr. Max Haiven and Tina Munroe.