“Working with and against race” (Magma Editions 5)

RiVAL: The ReImagining Value Action Lab and Hopscotch Reading Room are pleased to present “Working with and against race,” June 28 at 19h at a location in Berlin (TBC)

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Alana Lentin and Anna Younes will dialogue about doing race critical work that is attentive to the recursive and recalibrating processes of the racial regime, going beyond the call to recognise race as a ‘social construct’. We will zoom in on what a Jerusalem Post article has optimistically named a “War against Antisemitism” and how it relates to what Anna Younes has theorised as the “War on Antisemitism:” We want to think critically about the implications of rhetorics of violence, war, and co-opted anti-racism politics and what that means for activism and scholarship. Overall, our frame and conversation wants to think together the urgent need for a relational and state-critical understanding of racisms that is at the same time attentive to its ideological roots in colonialism and slavery, while constantly producing new material  capacities under racial capitalism.

Magma Editions is an occasional Berlin salon series hosted by RiVAL: The ReImagining Value Action Lab.