Entangled Legacies of Empire: Race, Finance and Inequality (online launch event)

To celebrate the launch of Entangled Legacies of Empire: Race, Finance and Inequality (eds. Paul Gilbert, Clea Bourne, Max Haiven and Johnna Montgomerie) by Manchester University Press, RiVAL: The ReImagining Value Action Lab, Finance and Society, and Goldsmiths’ Political Economy Research Centre are pleased to present an online launch event with the editors and many of the authors.

The Event

Tuesday, 20 June 2023, 17h00 GMT
(09h00 Pacific, 12h00 Eastern, 18h00 Central Europe, 22h30 IST)

The event will last 2 hours and take place on the Zoom platform

  • Welcome and an overview of the book
  • Short presentation by a selection of chapter authors
  • Short break
  • Break-out rooms for thematic dicussion
  • Large group discussion

To register, please use the form below or visit: https://forms.gle/feWUpwM1vQgJqDbs5

The Book


More than 25 experts from around the world have contributed to this unique and provocative book. In a series of illuminating short essays, each author has presented a striking image as an invitation to consider the ghosts of colonialism and imperialism in today’s global economy. In defiance of those who claim that today’s capitalist system is free of racism and exploitation, this book shows that the past is not behind us, it defines our world and our lives.

This book takes the reader on a global tour, from Malaysia to Canada, from Angola to Mexico, from Libya to China, from the City of London to the Australian outback, from the deep sea to the atmosphere. Along the way we meet the financiers, artists, advertisers, activists and everyday people who are grappling with the entangled legacies of empire.


Order the book from Manchester University Press: https://manchesteruniversitypress.co.uk/9781526163431/

Read the book open-access via Manchester OpenHive: https://www.manchesteropenhive.com/display/9781526163455/9781526163455.xml

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction – Paul Robert Gilbert, Clea Bourne, Max Haiven and Johnna Montgomerie

Part I: Blowouts
1 Pumpjacks, playgrounds and cheap lives – Imre Szeman
2 ‘Boom!’ – Tracy Lassiter
3 Spillcam – Alysse Kushinski

Part II: Circulations
4 Te Peeke o Aotearoa: colonial and decolonial finance in Aotearoa New Zealand, 1860s-1890s – Catherine Comyn
5 Both sides of the coin: Lady Liberty and the construction of ‘the New Native’ on currency in Oregon’s colonial period – Ashley Cordes
6 Milo – Syahirah Abdul Rahman

Part III: Borders
7 ‘The trust will pursue debt through all means necessary’ – Kathryn Medien
8 Hunger or indebtedness? Enforcing migrant destitution, racializing debt – Eve Dickson, Rachel Rosen and Kehinde Sorinmade
9 Libre: debt, discipline and humanitarian pretension – Christian Rossipal

Part IV: Emergence
10 ‘Afro-pessimism’ and emerging markets finance – Ilias Alami
11 Dreams of extractive development: reviving the Benguela Railway in central Angola – Jon Schubert
12 Spectral cities and rare earth mining in the North China Plain – Linsey Ly

Part V: Gestures
13 Italy, Libya and the EU: co-dependent systems and interweaving imperial interests at the Mediterranean border – Alessandra Ferrini
14 Racial capitalism and settler colonization in Australia: Australian debts to Gurindji economies – Holly Eva Katherine Randell-Moon
15 Connected by a blue sweater: ethical narratives of philanthrocapitalist development – Zenia Kish

Part VI: Play
16 Eternal conflict: Sderot’s underground playground – Oded Nir
17 I am your dividend – Ben Stork

Part VII: Control
18 ‘The shape of the Stock Exchange is shapeless’ – Laura Kalba
19 Data Centre Séance: telepathic surveillance capitalism, psychic debt and colonialism – Jacquelene Drinkall

Part VIII: Imaginaries
20 Mesoamérica Resiste: staging the battle over Mesoamerica – capitalist fantasies vs grassroots liberation – Debbie Samaniego and Felix Mantz
21 Extractive scars and the lightness of finance – Maria Dyveke Styve
22 Imagined maps of racial capitalism – Gargi Bhattacharyya