Clue-Anon: A board game about why conspiracy theories are fun… and dangerous (presentation and playtest)

You are invited to a play-testing session of CLUE-ANON, a board game currently under development by Dr. Max Haiven of RiVAL: The ReImagining Value Action Lab. We will be playing at the Red Lion pub (16 Cumberland St S) from 5:30-7pm (and maybe later), Thursday September 29. All are welcome to this small, informal event.

CLUE-ANON is an easy-to-learn board game for four players. While at first it appears everyone is trying to correctly guess the conspirators in a nefarious plot, it soon turns out that (almost) everyone has other motives. Part deduction, part bluffing, part role-playing, CLUE-ANON is actually fun… and provocative.

The game was developed by Dr. Haiven and his colleagues A. T. Kingsmith (York University) and Dr. Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou (University College London) as part of their Conspiracy Games and Countergames project, which also includes a podcast and publications about the relationship between games, conspiracies and the socioeconomic system. It is presently still being tested and perfected for future publication.

All are welcome to this drop-in event.