Art for UBI (Manifesto) Berlin/online book event

RiVAL: The ReImagining Value Action Lab is pleased to partner with IRI: the Institute of Radical Imagination for the fourth installment of the Magma Editions salon series, this time to celebrate and discuss the publication of Art for UBI (manifesto).

Sunday, November 27, 13h00
Live location (spaces limited): Berlin 10247 (in Friedrichshain) – exact address supplied on registration (see below).
Livestream: link coming soon

About the event

At this event, editors and authors of Art for UBI (manifesto) will speak and participate in a facilitated discussion about art, universal basic income and the prospects for decolonization, mutual aid and creative collaboration.

Speakers include:

  • Erik Bordeleau
  • Emanuele Braga
  • Julio Linares
  • Gabriella Riccio
  • Cassie Thornton

About the book

Art for UBI (published by BRUNO) is a manifesto: the world of art positions itself in favor of universal and unconditional basic income, placing in the foreground its advantageous conditions in economic, social and ecological terms. The manifesto was born as collective writing within the School of Mutations, a project of the Institute of Radical Imagination, an international platform of artists, researchers, activists and curators engaged in the experimentation of post-capitalist artistic practices.

In addition to the introduction by the curators, the volume contains the contributions of diverse artists, theorists and activists addressing UBI in the panorama of the generalized precariousness of artistic work, the demand for income in trans-feminist and decolonial struggles, mutualism practices in the independent art scene, the relationship between finance, fabulation and crypto philosophy.

Editors: Marco Baravalle, Emanuele Braga, Gabriella Riccio

Contributors: Emanuele Braga, Kuba Szreder, Ilenia Caleo, Maddalena Fragnito and Raising Care Assembly, Gabriela Cabaña and Julio Linares, Erik Bordeleau

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About the venue, access and comfort

This event is happening in a private home that is on the third floor. There is no elevator. We ask all participants to avoid using scented products. Some presenters may show images.

Light refreshments will be served.

About the hosts

RiVAL: The ReImagining Value Action Lab is a workshop for the radical imagination, social justice and decolonization with an office in Thunder Bay, Canada and activities around the world. Magma Editions is RiVAL’s Berlin salon series, hosted by Cassie Thornton and Max Haiven.

The Institute of Radical Imagination is a think-tank inviting experts – political scientists, economists, lawyers, architects, hackers, activists, artists and cultural producers to share knowledge on a continuous base with the aim of defining and implementing zones of post-capitalism in Europe’s South and the Mediterranean. The think-tank works nomadically across the nodes of the network – Madrid, Athens, Istanbul, Cairo, Palestine, Naples – and connects with other nodes in “global south” – Eastern Europe, Latin America, South-East Asia.

Registration for the live Berlin event

As the venue is a private residence and space is limited, all participants must pre-register and the address will be sent to the email provided.

Please use the following form to register for the event:


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